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Have you been on holiday this year yet? Are you planning on taking a holiday this year? The children will soon be on holiday from school, a rest for them and for the teachers!

What type of holiday do you like, lazing around at home or travelling to a different place – the UK or abroad? For some it is going home to visit family, others go off and relax by themselves.

Holidays take preparation, deciding where we want to go and increasingly today working out whether we can afford it or not. If we’re going abroad do we need any vaccinations or health information, are our passports out of date – do we have time to renew them? It’s all preparation!

Packing the cases, loading the car or taxi, getting the bus or train, being on time for the flight etc, it all takes preparation! We are all different, some of us start preparing months before, others rush through in a few days or hours – but we all have to prepare!

There is one event that we all have to prepare for, it comes along sooner or later, it’s far more important than any holiday. It is something that will happen to each one of us – that is that we will meet God! The Bible says, “Prepare to meet your God”.

It’s not a threat, it is just a fact that sooner or later every human will meet with God. We will be judged in regard to our relationship with Jesus Christ. If we have asked Him to be our Saviour and have shown the reality of that by living like Him then we are prepared.

The problem is for those who have never received Christ as Saviour, the result of judgement is separation from the love and presence of God. It doesn’t have to be like that – that’s why God tells us to prepare.

Simply pray a prayer like the one below and follow Christ for the rest of your life. Dear Lord Jesus, I am sorry for the wrong things that I have done, I am sorry for the pain that I have caused you. I turn from my sin and ask you to come into my life ; to forgive me and make me new. Fill me with your Spirit to help me live for you each day. Amen.

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