So what’s going to be new in 2014?

Written by jmacaulay on Jan 04, 2014 in Blog - No Comments

At the beginning of a new year it is always a time for reflection on the past and anticipation of the new.  What does this new year hold, what opportunities, what problems, what joys and what sorrows?

The problem that I find with something new is that I often don’t want to use it and risk damaging it – a new watch looks good in the box, but when I take it out and wear it I usually scratch the glass.  A new shirt looks good until I spill something on it that stains it.

Do you see what I’m saying, my new diary and calendar, look good, they are new, but somehow I will spoil them. No matter how hard I try to write nicely I end up scrawling marks that look like an ant hip hopped across the page!  It’s the same with life – I don’t live up to my own expectations, I’m not as organised or disciplined as I want to be.

That’s the problem, I know what I want to be like and I know what I want 2014 to be like, but somehow I will spoil the mental image that I have of it. I think that it just means that I will have to hold onto Jesus a lot tighter this year and really listen to what He is saying!