The In Betweeners!

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Have you ever wondered what the disciples did on that first Easter Saturday? They had seen Jesus die on the first Good Friday and must have been reeling in shock at what had happened.  They didn’t seem to understand that Jesus was going to rise from the dead, in fact if you read the gospels you discover that they didn’t at first believe He had!

Although they didn’t know it they were living in between the death and resurrection of Christ.

In the same way we are all living in between the first coming of Christ, as the baby who came to save us from our sins, and His second coming as King and Judge!  The Bible prophesied that Jesus would die and that He would rise from the dead – the next major prophesy about Him is that He is coming back!

For those who believe we need to remember that this in between time is not for relaxation, it is a time of preparation.  This preparation is two-fold; we are to get ready personally for His return, if we love Him then we should long for His return. Secondly we are to prepare the Church for His return, this involves fulfilling the ‘Great Commission’ to make disciples of all nations.

For those who don’t believe or don’t take it too seriously, this in between time is an opportunity to receive Jesus as Savior and to develop a relationship with Him.  Jesus’ love for us is what took Him to the cross and that same love is what will bring Him back to take us to be with Him.

So never mind what the disciples were doing during the in between time- what are you doing?

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